Cindy Hoose is a painter, sewer, and crafter of original fantastical creatures.  


The DNA of her creations reflects sometimes the fox, sometimes the cat, the dog, the rabbit, the bird, or another, but a complex humanity is expressed on their evocative faces; where one viewer sees melancholy loneliness, another might see sweetness and humor.  While their patchwork bodies and expertly childlike construction lends them the air of attic fairies, their energy holds them squarely within the subtlety of real life.


Cindy studied Fine Art and Art History at SUNY New Paltz, where - inspired by both Outsider and children’s art - she became committed to art based upon authentic creative impulse, released from the competition for acclaim and approval.  Her childhood fascination with whimsical creatures was reignited when she began making stuffed creatures for her own two children. Her art and sewing are inspired by Maira Kalman, Marc Chagall, vintage children’s books, patterned fabrics, and the forlorn expressions of animals everywhere. She works with a variety of acrylic mediums (often needing to resist the urge to eat her frosting-like mixtures) alongside of various recycled materials.  


Cindy has collaborated with The Women’s Studio Workshop, Hudson Valley Seed Library, and Dog on Fleas. She has had numerous solo shows at as well as participating in many group shows across the Hudson Valley.  She lives with her husband John and their two children, Thor and Lucie, in Kingston, NY.